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ELEMENTS are exchange-traded notes designed to track the return of a specific underlying market measure. After their initial offering, ELEMENTS can be bought and sold through a broker or financial advisor on a U.S. securities exchange.

Note: On November 17, 2008, this currency-linked ELEMENTS was voluntarily delisted from NYSE Arca. It can no longer be bought or sold on a U.S. securities exchange and its prices are no longer quoted or listed on a U.S. securities exchange. Deustche Bank Securities Inc., an affiliate of Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch, the issuer of this currency-linked ELEMENTS, has indicated it expects to bid for ELEMENTS offered for sale to it, although it is not required to do so and may cease making bids at any time. Current bid prices for each currency-linked ELEMENTS will be posted on Bloomberg by CUSIP number. For more information please see the press release related to the delisting of the Currency-linked ELEMENTS, which may be accessed here.

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In considering ELEMENTS as an investment, an investor should review the ELEMENTS prospectus for the particular offering and discuss the security with legal, tax and financial advisors before taking any action. In the event of any inconsistency between this website and the prospectus for a particular offering of ELEMENTS, you should rely on the prospectus in evaluating that offering. Please review Legal Information and Privacy Statement for additional important legal information and the terms and conditions governing use of this website.